Through prayer and reflection
opportunity to listen to what God

has to say about homelessness,

and to consider what action we

are being called to take

What is Homeless Sunday?

The purpose of Homeless Sunday is threefold:

  • showing our concern for individuals affected by homelessness
  • challenging the conditions that create it
  • celebrating work that tackles the problem

Whatever level of engagement a congregation has with homelessness, Homeless Sunday is an opportunity to take it
a step higher.

Homeless Sunday brings together thousands of churches. It has the support of all the main denominations and is celebrated in a wide range of congregations.

Homeless Sunday has been marked since the mid-1990s

It’s a way for the churches to demonstrate solidarity with people experiencing homelessness in the UK, to challenge the conditions that give rise to high levels of homelessness, and to celebrate the work of the churches and others in tackling homelessness, at all levels, particularly locally.

From 2008 to 2014, Homeless Sunday was part of Poverty & Homelessness Action Week, a three-way partnership also involving Church Action on Poverty. The week started with Homeless Sunday, linking it with Poverty Action Sunday, which was marked a week later, on the first Sunday of February.

During 2013, it was agreed that this arrangement was not meeting the aspirations of all partners, and that 2014 would be the last Action Week.

What a

What happens on
 Homeless Sunday?

Churches mark the day through a wide variety of activities:

  • including homeless people
    in prayer
  • a full weekend of activities
    such as sleep-outs
  • profile raising events to highlight the problem locally
  • dedicated services that link with local housing and homelessness projects and build bridges into the local community
  • joint services with other
    local churches
  • fundraising for national and local action

All events raise the profile of homelessness in the church.

to connect, challenge and commit

Why take part in Homeless Sunday?

Why a

Connect: hear the voice of people marginalised through homelessness, perhaps people your church or project is working with, or through organisations working locally.

Challenge: learn the lessons about what is needed to tackle homelessness, and challenge political representatives to change policies that give rise to homelessness, and champion policies that will end it.

Commit: to practical action, political challenge and financial support of organisations working in homelessness.
Don’t forget that the two Homeless Sunday partners, Housing Justice and Scottish Churches Housing Action need your support.

Homelessness is not inevitable — something can be done and you can make a difference

Who is taking part in Homeless Sunday?

Catherine Paddon will Lead cafe-style worship in Devon to raise awareness of the wider problem.
Bourock Church, Barrhead will donate money to Glasgow City Mission
Cambridge Link Up & Jimmy's Cambridge will hold a service with and for the homeless community
Ebenezer Baptist Church Pengam will Give our church offering to Rainbow of Hope, supporting homeless in Cardiff
Harry Taylor will give our prayer cards at my congregation
Derventio Housing Trust will Lead a service in Derby Cathedral, involving three other local homelessness organisations

You can take part in Homeless Sunday

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  2. Download resources

If you need any assistance, please email us:

How will you participate?

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How can my church, school or project get involved?

  • Plan and run a church service — use our prayers, preaching notes and other ideas in whatever way best suits your style of worship
  • Use the template poster to tell everyone what you are planning
  • Give out prayer cards to the congregation
  • Raise funds for the work of Housing Justice and Scottish Churches Housing Action by taking a collection or running a ‘Cup of Tea’ appeal

10 reasons to take part

  1. Homelessness is very widespread in our society
  2. Homelessness hurts many thousands of people every year
  3. People who are homeless are valuable in the sight of God
  4. Homelessness is an injustice
  5. Homelessness is not inevitable — something can be done and you can make a difference
  6. Homelessness is a spiritual issue
  7. The church is Christ’s body to bring good news to the poor
  8. Christians have often led the way in tackling homelessness (and continue to do so)
  9. We can learn from each other’s initiatives
  10. It’s a great opportunity to pray, speak out and take action in our communities
Together, with faith, we can repair the hurt of homelessness and build both homes and lives

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Listed below are the resources for Homeless Sunday 2016.

The resource kit includes:

To order printed prayer cards — £5 for 50 cards — please email

Further resources can be downloaded from the now archived
Poverty and Homelessness Action Website.

Homeless Sunday is run jointly by Housing Justice and Scottish Churches Housing Action – in order to maintain the website, produce ever more engaging resources and keep the campaign going, please donate.

Extra resources

Resources created in other contexts have been found to be of use for Homeless Sunday. Please visit this page for your extra resources.

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